The New ORUAM Release 'REVERBERATION' – Listen Loud!

A punchy chord and melody is a great way to start a new track. This is what ORUAM aims for and the result is this latest release REVERBERATION! And it’s now available on all your favorite stores and streaming services!

Oruam: “I just gain motivation for my music on a daily basis, writing and erasing and writing again till I feel some connection with what I am doing. If the song does not move my body I’ll better work on different project.”

Oruam Reverberation

The Italian native producer Oruam is now based in Australia. Although much of the music industry is heavily present on social media, Oruam was the exception to that rule. As a matter of fact: if you were trying to find him on social media, even on a popular platform such as Facebook you could not. It’s only since earlier this year Oruam became more active on social media

So far his release Reverberation has positive response in many countries (France included).




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