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Tell us more about the label Entraxx

Entraxx-Records is a label, founded by Ron van den Beuken & Anton Rigel, in which I am the director. With our label we give new talented producers the opportunity to release their tracks around the globe. Also we have already to label deals with TOCO and MAS-Records, which means that all our releases get also the right intention in all Asia and Middle- and South America.

The label is developing every day, also its coundcloud/facebook/twitter and youtube account gets more followers every day.

What’s coming up production wise for you?

As lots of people may not know, already some years I am into the ghost-producing, to give you an example, I was into the SvD-Album (3 tracks), La Fuente, Milk Inc, Wildboyz etc etc, all was arranged by Spinnin’ Records. That’s one of the reasons I did not release under Ron van den Beuken. But in future (this year) I will come with new Ron van den Beuken tracks , as people are asking for it, and I want to give a try and see what will happen 🙂

What’s the biggest prank you ever pulled on a fellow DJ?

I never did one, as far as I remember to be honest.

You are known as a trance producer but do you embrace other new EDM styles as well?

Yes I produce all styles, like I told before also for other artists, lately over Entraxx-Records I produce also for people like JEFFK from Holland, who is upcoming very fast. Also Nouveaubeats & Vince le Fin I work with/for. Mr. Black&Blue – Get it On (which was sold global and hit over several millions views on Youtube (real views), I just finished a track with Tatana from Swiss, also I did a remake of Clubbers Revenge – Mental Atmosphere (together with Maarten de Jong) all to be released in the next months:)

The best gig you had so far this year. Tell us why it was so great?

I loved to play on Trance-Energy, as it was in Holland, and I played that time almost every weekend in foreign country which also was very nice. But at Trance-Energy I met so many people I know from Holland and they jumped and yelled when I was on stage, I have to say, THAT WAS AMAZING!.

What is the most difficult thing to deal with when you are on tour?

That’s an easy question:) Last year I was in China on a Tour with my Clokx-project, we traveled for 3 weeks around all China, which was a great experience, but when being so long away from home, I miss my wife and my 3 children, my dog, etc.

Describe the best moment from your career til now.

The best moment was definitely the time we released ‘Timeless’. It was the first time we (together with Spinnin Records) released it under my real name Ron van den Beuken. It got airplay all over and was almost everywhere nr. 1 in the dance-charts (all over the world). Before I released under aliases like Floyd, The Mystery, Shane, etc etc. so to see your real name in the charts and hear it on the radio, that was really fantastic!

What makes you shy?

I think what every man has, a beautiful woman…:)

If you would play at a party where only 20 people showed up for.. would you finish your set and make it a hell of a party? Give an example.

For me it doesn’t matter if there are 20 people or 20.000 people, both crowds deserve the best show you can give. That’s what you are a artist for and you get paid for, no matter what.

What defines success for you?

Success to me means that people like my music, like you as a person and are willing to work with me. Also when you get some support on radio or by collegue-dj’s means success for me.

Hiphop has had turntablism culture for many years. Do you feel EDM DJs should become a bit more creative with mixing on average?

Good question, as I consider myself more a producer then a DJ, maybe that question is one hard for me to answer.

Is there a final thing you would like to say to our readers?

I would like to thank all the readers for taking some time to read my story, and i hope the liked it. Also i wish all the readers all the best and maybe sometime in future we meet in person.




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