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Promoted Post BannerIn the first generation of trance DJs, this artist stands out. As an open-minded producer, he fearlessly embraced electronic dance music evolution, drawing inspiration from diverse styles and artists. Last year held exceptional significance for Orkidea, as it marked his impressive 30-year career as a DJ. Despite finding solace in the studio playing with his gear, Tapio decided to celebrate this milestone in an extraordinary way. Organizing a monumental event in Helsinki, he treated his fans to an unforgettable marathon set lasting 30 hours. This level of commitment and passion truly demonstrates his dedication to music.

Orkidea has gained widespread recognition for his signature dreamy melodies, hypnotic beats, slow build-ups, and continuous and harmonious progressions in music. However, what many people may not know is that Tapio’s journey started with organizing illegal warehouse raves in Finland during the 90s. “In the morning when it was almost 10 AM and the party was almost over, we played a chilled but emotionally euphoric breakbeat to bring the vibe down while the sun was rising up.” – Tapio shared

And so, “Warehouse Requiem” came to be. This latest release found its inspiration from two equally influential sources – the contemporary breakbeats of artists like Bicep and the pioneering sounds of the 90s brought to life by Future Sound of London. By combining elements such as dusty breakbeat samples, gated ethnic vocals, deep basslines, and hypnotic synth riffs, Tapio crafted a grandiose and expansive soundscape, showcasing the power of simplicity. Now Pure Progressive Movement, which started with Rich Solarstone, adds a shining new gem to their impressive repertoire.

Whether you’re chilling at home, getting ready for a pre-party, winding down at an after-party, or embarking on a sunset drive during late summer evenings, the music takes you on a thrilling journey – a “retrofuturistic” journey as described by Paavo from Above & Beyond. But if you hear the “Warehouse Requiem” live, you will be spellbound by its enchanting sounds and euphoric beats. So make sure you prepare on time and stream it on some of the major music platforms: 


01. Orkidea – Warehouse Requiem (Original Mix)
02. Orkidea – Warehouse Requiem (Extended Mix)

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