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Promoted Post BannerSummertime is the perfect time for parties and afterparties. So, if you’ve just woken up after the night of your life, it’s time to party again and this time Gamuel Sori is the one who will join you. After collaborating with INNA for ‘Party Songs’, Gamuel is releasing yet another banger. ‘Early In The Morning’ has the power to send you to your happy place, next to your favourite person. Make sure that you put it on repeat. 

The credits for ‘
Early In The Morning’ go to Gamuel Sori and Alma Goodman for the production and lyrics. Goodman has written and co-produced hits for artists such as Sam Feldt, Lost Frequencies, Tiesto and Alok. The production was released by Gamuel. 

“There’s a lot to say about ‘Early In The Morning’. This song is so me, ‘cause I really love soul music and house music, and this one is the perfect mix. It’s more than a dance track, it represents an euphoric experience which is meant to boost your energy from the very first beat. We had fun while writing this, trying sounds, beats and moods. It’s still summer people, have fun, enjoy the sun and let me know how much you love this new track.” 
Says Gamuel Sori on ‘Early In The Morning’

Gamuel Sori is an Italian DJ and producer making waves in the dance music scene. He has performed at some of Italy’s top clubs, captivating audiences with his unique blend of beats and sounds. Gamuel’s music style is a diverse fusion of genres, which he infuses with his signature style, creating an electrifying and unforgettable experience for his listeners. His music has been released on labels such as Spinnin’ Records, Musical Freedom, and Sony, and has gained recognition from industry professionals. Gamuel achieved a milestone in his career when his track ‘Money’s Gone’ was played on BBC Radio 1, propelling him further into the international spotlight. Gamuel Sori’s unwavering commitment, exceptional talent and unique sound have established him as a rising star in the dance music scene, and one to watch for the future. His ability to create a distinctive atmosphere and connect with his audience on a personal level sets him apart as a top-tier performer. Gamuel’s latest release follows on from his collaboration with the global superstar, INNA, on the feel-good house track ‘Party Songs’

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