Love in the Room

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Promoted Post BannerBurgeoning international artist and multi-instrumentalist, Youngr (Dario Darnell) has made his presence felt in the music industry over the past few years through a series of stunning viral videos and live performances. Now the celebrated singer/songwriter and producer will enthral fans again with the release of his new single, ‘Love In The Room’, on his label Blue Llama Records.

No stranger to breaking genre moulds, 
Youngr dabbles with deeper funky house energy on ‘Love In The Room’ and showcases his innate ability to craft melodies that evoke emotions combined with plenty of infectious rhythms and grooves. Youngr wrote the song to celebrate the unity in the room when the music is playing and to bring his magic to the dancefloor with this unquestionable good-vibes release.

Youngr’s virtuosity has been shining bright in recent years as he effortlessly blends genres, creating an eclectic and innovative sound that resonates with fans across the globe. Such is the delight his captivating live and online performances bring. Youngr has amassed over 100+ million global streams and a legion of followers. With a repertoire of sold-out shows across Europe and North AmericaYoungr’s magnetic stage presence and infectious energy have earned him a cult-like following within the music community. From popular bootlegs of tracks like ‘Sweet Disposition’ and ‘God Put A Smile Upon My Face’, to his acclaimed albums ‘This is not an Album and ‘Live From Llamaland Studios’Youngr continues to take both the digital and live realm by storm with his infectious energy and undeniable talent.

Youngr ‘Love In The Room’ is out on Blue Llama Records.


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