Listen To This One! Max M – If This Is What It Feels Like


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The multi-talented DJ and producer Max M furthers his creative endeavors with the birth of his debut EP entitled Renaissance. Originally from France. Max M finds success holding two careers, working both as an inventive music producer and IT expert. He is respected as a former startup CEO holding three patents in the US.

Renaissance is a treasure chest of melody. The project consists of five incredible tracks that easily capture our attention due to Max M’s brilliant production skills. Some of the selections like Imaginary Problems and I’ll Be Up have accrued some great accolades as singles and certainly magnify the depth of Renaissance. Max M drawers heavily upon elements from pop and R&B into his EDM gnosis for a warm sound that is coupled by an expansive composition structure that includes a unique array of synth sounds and moving drum patterns. Equally, the flavor of the bass and keyboarding shifts in a way that is appropriate for terrain of each selection. 

If This Is What It Feels Like concludes the EP. The track is a crisp collaborative effort by Max M and includes Chris Willis and Della Ciprian, who enhance this title with enthralling vocal performances. The lyrics of If This Is What It Feels Like draw  upon the theme of  two lovers who find it harder being apart than together. However, the upbeat synergy of the song casts a sphere of hope into the mind of the listener. Getting back together never sounded as good as If This Is What It Feels Like.

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