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Saturday January 26th Blackliquid will make an appearance on ITV Live The DJ Sessions. In anticipation on his performance, Hammarica.com interviewed him!

Blackliquid, tell us a little bit about your background.

I started music performance life as a drummer and backing vocalist in a three piece rhythm and blues band playing the London Pub circuit in the early to mid 80’s. ‘Riff and the Four Four’. By then I had been influenced by Grand Master Flash and became a DJ playing local London clubs and parties. After the 88’ Acid house explosion in the UK I started releasing electronic music in 89’. House music at first with BPM Records. By 94 Jungle had crept on to the scene and I was involved with making and putting out white label jungle tracks. Completed my first concept album in 95’. By 96’ I was composing commercially for brands and publishers like VH-1, Viacom, Cavendish Music. 98 saw the Blackliquid concept take to the stage with a series of live electronic music and multimedia shows in London.

DJ Blackliquid interviewAfter hitting South Africa and India I came to LA in 2000 to check out the music scene.

House music was an obsession and I soon headlined and played most of the LA venues and other spots around the country and as far away as Sweden.

Currently working with some great vocal artists for 2013 and pushing my label House Sound of LA to new heights with different licensing and collaboration opportunities.


Share one track with us which you currently play and describe in detail why it is such a great production.

Stonebridge – “Put Em High’ – Hed Kandi

This is a classic killer cut from one of the masters of sexy vocal house. The music and melody that permeates this track lift me, give me goose bump. The simple vocal arrangement brings a resounding confidence behind their delivery thus complimenting the track and achieving the classic track status

Name a highlight from 2012

Doing my first solo headlining gig in San Diego for the mighty Hed Kandi clubbing brand.

What has been your best business decision in favor of your artist career?

Starting my own label was the best decision I could have made. It gave me the freedom to create and do what ever I wanted to do.

Dance Music NewsIs there an EDM artist you wouldn’t collaborate with?


Pick a classic EDM tune and tell us why you picked it.

Baby D – Let Me Be Your Fantasy

I picked this track simply for the energy and reaction this tune got when it was released. Every massive rave/party we went to in England at one time or another would have a DJ drop that track. It was a killer peak time hit that roused any crowd into a frenzy.

Are there any features you would like Beatport to have which are not currently available?


What is the story behind your artist name? Where does it come from?

In 94 I wanted to come up with a name that would compliment my diverse composing nature.

When Blackliquid came to me I thought of the diversity of natural crude oil, the fact that man has turned oil into a myriad of products. I write and compose many different genres of music professionally.

Tell us more about the best experience you ever had in the DJ booth?

It is hard to pin point the best one. Some have included the superstar adulation type occasion, whilst others were more spiritual and a lot deeper. I have had many excellent and positive ambassadorial experiences as it is the way I have chosen to represent my industry.

What is your dream project?

To write the music score for a new Matrix style movie.

Have you tried the Dubstep DJ Name Generator on Hammarica.com? What was your result?

Not yet.

Is there a final thing you would like to say to our readers?

Yes there is. Thank you for your time and consideration. Thank you for your ears and your support.

Live you life in love and see what happens.

Blackliquid Official Site – http://www.blackliquid.com
House Sound of LA – http://www.housesoundofla.com
LADJ School – http://www.ladjschool.com
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/blackliqiuid
Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/blackliquid
Soundcloud – http://www.soundcloud.com/blackliquid



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