In the multi-billion dollar industry of electronic dance music, the Italian producer and DJ, Toni Costanzi is quickly becoming a young star. After having entered the Beatport world rankings twice in a row, with two different songs, the expectations for this young star are really high.

Hailing from the beautiful Italy, Toni Costanzi has been on a mission to bring the world some unreal beats and quality mixes since launching his career at the age of 15. Quickly rising through the ranks with a series of bootlegs and originals like “Bomboclvt”, labels like Plasmapool quickly took notice of this star in the making. Noted among the big names in the sector, he has recently been hired in the EDX team, aka Maurizio Colella, an internationally renowned Swiss DJ.

Toni Costanzi absolutely did not disappoint the expectations of his mentor, responding immediately with a world ranking hit. After catching our ear with his releases that dropped earlier this year, we wanted to catch up with Toni for a look into his history, his thoughts on the scene, and more. Looking to hear more about him! Toni Costanzi is at the forefront of the next generation of producers, both in the IT and worldwide, who can help make a positive impact with their music in a time when the world is starkly divided.

The power of music to unite is not lost on Toni and he absolutely hopes that his music can help make a positive impact on the world. With so much negativity going on, the next generation will look to the artists of tomorrow to hopefully help lead the way towards a better society. With his music and his special approach to fans, we are convinced in saying that Toni Costanzi is a pure and genuine artist, the young producer broke his bones by creating himself from scratch without any manager or company behind him, for this reason. it is important to wish him to shine more and more!

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